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Leasing commercial and residential properties  in the downtown north area of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Specializing in the historic downtown neighborhoods of Fourth and Gill,  Old North Knoxville and Oakwood-Lincoln Park.


Fourth and Gill

The neighborhood of Fourth and Gill is popular among young professionals. It is blocks from the Old City and downtown where there are stores, restaurants, coffee shops. The neighborhood is also a 10 minute bike ride to the Market Square area of downtown, which is a pedestrian mall well-known for its local restaurants, live concerts, plays, and farmer’s market. UT is 2.5 miles away from 4th and Gill.  The Hall of Fame interstate entrance provides easy access to the many residents that commute to Oak Ridge. The neighborhood itself exhibits a sense of community that tends to be lost in the suburbs. The houses were constructed from the 1880s to the 1930s and have been wonderfully restored over the last two decades. There are various neighborhood activities throughout the year, such as potlucks and porch hops; the neighborhood center is currently occupied as The Bird House, a series of artist studios with rotating exhibits and weekly movies; and the neighborhood bar, Sassy Ann’s, is the best place in Knoxville to dance.

Old North

The Old North neighborhood is located opposite of Broadway St. from its sister neighborhood, 4th and Gill. This is another “front porch” neighborhood with 1900s era houses and residents who interact to display a true sense of community. The Three Rivers food coop, which moved into a new building in 2011 providing more space for local produce, organic fare, and even a cafe space, is a highlight of Old North. Other neighborhood businesses include Magpies Bakery, The Glowing Body yoga studio, Relix Variety Theatre, Toot’s Little Honky Tonk, Time Warp Tea Room, and the historic Original Freezo.

Oakwood-Lincoln Park

Oakwood-Lincoln Park is further north with houses built in the 1930s to 1950s. Historically a blue collar neighborhood, the residents locating into this area now are young professionals looking for their first home. Oakwood-Lincoln Park is just beginning to experience a resurgence through this younger crowd; therefore, the neighborhood has not yet become gentrified as the 4th and Gill and Old North neighborhoods have, which makes the area an exciting place to be.

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Phone: (865) 803-4442
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